VICTAULIC couplings for steel pipes

VICTAULIC couplings for steel pipes

VICTAULIC couplings are used to join grooved steel pipes (black pipes and galvanized pipes, seam or seamless ones) and others (e.g. made of cast iron, copper or aluminium).


  • Safety Certificate ‘B’ entitling its holder to mark the product with the safety mark – GIG Katowice
  • Technical Approval – ITB Warsaw

Where to use:

  • VICTAULIC system is used in water supply pipelines, sanitary drainage systems, compressed air systems, in pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, water reservoirs, air-conditioning systems, ventilation systems, refrigeration systems, fire main systems, hydro-transport systems and various industrial systems – in-building and external.


  • safe, tight, shock-resistant and non-corrodible (at joints),
  • full tensile strength
  • high working pressure strength and vacuum strength


  • wide range of couplings for all systems (steel, aluminium, copper, cast iron)
  • the same couplings for both roll grooved and cut grooved pipes
  • possibility of joining various pipes with different wall thicknesses, for many media

Easy installation:

  • fast and easy assembly and disassembly with no need of welding
  • easy assembly in tight places
  • easy alignment of a joint – during installation the pipe can be maneuvered
  • main load doesn’t act on the bolts– no need to tighten the bolts or to use a counter-wrench.

Cost savings:

  • low costs of labor, assembly, maintenance and repairs
  • all couplings are reusable
  • assembly can be carried out under any weather conditions

Flexibility (flexible couplings):

  • compensation at joints, minimize noise and vibration transmission
  • the system capable of extension, shortening and deflection

Rigidity (rigid couplings):

  • resistance against bending and torsion guaranteed
  • long sections remain rigid

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