„ELPLAST+” Sp. z o.o. manufactures polyethylene gutters, PE-NP-AS, and polypropylene gutters, PP-NP-AS, authorised for use in mine shafts. Particular components of the system are made of slow-burning and anti-static polyethylene in black.

Use and place of use

The gutter is designed for installation in mine shafts. It is to collect and carry off water, water solutions and brine from the shaft.


The gutters, PE-NP-AS and PP-NP-AS, usually consist of the following components:

  • initial piece (one-side plugged),
  • middle piece (quantity depends on the shaft size),
  • end piece (one-side plugged) with a downspout.

The downspout, depending on requirements, can be located in any components of a gutter system and at a specific angle. By using suitable components, you can install the gutter in a shape of a left spiral or a right one, or it can be carried out in the outer ring shape where there are no plugs either in the initial piece or in the end piece. The whole system is carried out with a gentle downward slope the downspout.

Each component of the gutter system is rib-reinforced and has mounting holes to join particular components and anchor holes. During installation it is possible to seal both a gutter component and the space between the gutter and the brickwork with the adhesive polymer seal UP.

Technical parameters

The shape of a gutter profile is custom-made according to the geometric dimensions of a shaft.

  • outstanding corrosion resistance, high durability,
  • several times lighter than traditional steel gutters
  • easy to transport
  • easy and quick to mount and dismantle
  • completeness of the system
  • impact strength and crack resistance
  • reusable
  • possibility of professional tightening of the gutter with a polymer seal UP

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