Pipes for the mining industry

„ELPLAST+” Sp. z o. o. provides a wide variety of piping systems authorized for use in mining plants extracting hard coal and incombustible minerals (e.g. copper, salt, zinc, lead, sand). These pipelines are designed for water supply systems, compressed air systems, inert gas distribution systems, hydrotransport pipelines, hydraulic filling distribution systems and many others. For many years our Company has been manufacturing polyethylene pipes for the mining industry. We provide also steel pipes and multi-layer pre-insulated pipes (steel pipes and polyethylene pipes) for either flanged connections or Victaulic-type connections. „ELPLAST+” Sp. z o. o. is the exclusive distributor of an American company VICTAULIC for the mining market. All pipelines have the relevant certificates entitling to designate the products with the safety mark ‘B’ issued by GIG (Central Mining Institute) in Katowice, OBAC in Gliwice and also by VVUÚ (Coal Research Institute) in Ostrava-Radvanice (Czech Republic). In each underground pit and in pit shafts you may use:
  1. Armoured polyethylene pipes and fittings, PE-NP-AS (slow-burning and anti-static),
  2. Preinsulated steel pipes and fittings, PE-ST-PU-PE (with the inner polyethylene layer) and ST-PU-PE (no inner liner), multi-layer pipes in the polyethylene casing,
  3. Preinsulated steel pipes, PE-ST-PU-SPIRO (with the inner polyethylene layer) and ST-PU-SPIRO (no inner liner), multi-layer pipes in the SPIRO casing,
  4. Steel pipes and fittings, STAL-PE, with inner polyethylene lining,
  5. Thin-wall steel pipelines, galvanized, quick-assembly, STO-SM.
The following products may be used in mining plants extracting incombustible minerals and in ground-based facilities of hard coal mines:
  1. Polyethylene pipes and fittings, PE-AS, with the anti-static outer layer,
  2. Polyethylene pipes and fittings, PE-PU-PE, preinsulated, in the polyethylene casing.
The detailed properties and advantages of particular products are presented in the enclosures. „ELPLAST+” Sp. z o.o. provides also the following products for the mining industry:
  1. Complete piping systems, i.e. the full range of polyethylene and steel fittings (elbows, tees, etc.),
  2. Flanged or grooved adapters to connect the provided pipes with the existing pipeline,
  3. Grooved steel stub pipes for the Victaulic connections,
  4. Couplings, fittings, valves, pipe grooving machines and other Victaulic system products,
  5. Clamps for polyethylene pipes with the outgoing connection, female thread, e.g. for hydrants,
  6. Service of steel pipes grooving (rolling) according to Victaulic specifications,
  7. Technical advice and trainings either in the seat of „ELPLAST+” or in a mine.


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