Pipes for floor heating PE-RT

Elplast+ manufactures pipes for floor heating made of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT), in diameters from 16 mm to 25 mm. PE-RT pipes are designed for water-based underfloor heating systems and low temperature radiator systems. Although such heating systems are used mainly in private housing, the pipes are perfectly suitable for heating high production halls and commercial buildings, churches or indoor swimming pools. Floor heating is the solution more and more frequently chosen to provide heat in rooms/areas of various sizes - it is because of its capacity. However, this capacity is not maximum if the contractor does not use the high-quality pipes to carry out the floor heating system.

Why polyethylene?

The floor heating system can be made of several materials of which, however, polyethylene is chosen most often. First of all this results from elasticity of the pipes. Pipes for floor heating are arranged into heating loops that should not include any joints - they should be laid in one length. This ensures tightness of the piping system that is not possible without pipes made of flexible material. It is worth remembering that flexibility of pipes made of polyethylene is very high, however, after having been curved, they return to their original shape. Therefore the pipes must be fastened to the concrete on a current basis.

Hazards to the piping system

Causing corrosion, oxygen is the biggest hazard to heating accessories. In order to protect the heating accessories pipes with so-called vapour barrier that stops the oxygen inflow are used.

Pipes for floor heating PE-RT

Rury do ogrzewania podłogowego PE-RT
Elplast+ manufactures pipes for floor heating made of polyethylene of raised...

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