Floats for dock structures

Modular floating docks make the excellent base for construction of floating docks and platforms for recreation and technical applications. The floats are made of polyethylene using the rotational molding technology. They are designed for usage under the wooden or steel dock structure as displacement parts for such dock. The float design enables fast assembling. The float can be filled with foamed polystyrene that is still floatable even in case of a punctured float.

Floating docks - characteristics

Floating docks are basic and most often used elements of each bathing waters or marinas. To provide adequate displacement for the floating docks you must use our floats. The displacement floats designed to be placed under the dock structures can be used both with docks made of wood and metal ones. We manufacture our floats from polyethylene, using the rotational molding technology.

This method enables us to manufacture inexpensive and reliable floats for floating dock structures. The material that our floats are made of enables you to easily assemble the dock and repair it yourself. Our lightweight floats are fastened with special brackets to the dock metal structure. Damaged floats can be repaired by welding and they are ready to use again. The floats are not easily degradable. They may be used for many years. They are resistant to weather conditions such as frost or direct sunlight.

Our floats are available in three different sizes:
  •  1130x640x650 mm
  •  1130x640x450 mm
  •  1130x640x565 mm
Our reliable floats can withstand the load ranging from 300 to 220 kg.


The floats can be filled with foamed polystyrene. Thanks to such solution the floats provide displacement for the whole dock structure even if they are punctured.

Floats for dock structures

Pływaki pod konstrukcję pomostu
They are designed for usage under the wooden or steel dock...

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