Cable chambers

The pull boxes are made of polyethylene and they are excellent alternative for their traditional equivalents, e.g. made of concrete. The pull-box consists of a body, a polyethylene cover and a rubber gasket under the cover.

What are pull-boxes and what they are used for?

Pull boxes are designed to store and protect spare cables and cable joint boxes. They are also to protect fibre optic cables and the equipment for fusion splicing of the optical fibres, so-called splice boxes. Pull boxes are most often made of metal or plastic materials and they make an excellent alternative for concrete pull boxes. Our pull boxes are resistant to low temperatures. They are highly durable (strong, rigid and resistant to external factors) and lightweight. They are easy to extend, assemble and keep clean. It is used in the place of failure, breaking or cutting of the cable. It is considered a repair kit. Pull boxes make it possible to carry out cable splitting and pulling. It consists of a polyethylene body and a cover what due to proper assembly with use of appropriate gasket provides excellent tightness. The cover can be provided with a lock. The pull-box body is intended for storage and protection of the spare cable. There are handles attached to the body in order to facilitate underground installation. Pull boxes are installed in cable routes and cable piping systems. We provide two versions of pull boxes: single-joint pull-boxes and double-joint pull boxes, or without chambers for protection of cable joints (ZZ-PE-0) that are used only for protection of spare cables and small cable joint boxes. A single-joint box is used for protection of one cable joint box and a spare cable whereas a double-joint pull box protects two cable joint boxes and a spare cable.

Pull boxes

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Manhole plastic top, load class – B125

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Universal chambers

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